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Thursday, December 14, 2017

URGENT: Stop the Government Bill That Threatens People's Freedom in Nigeria

The Nigerian government is trying to push through new legislation that will severely restrict our human rights in Nigeria.

This so-called ‘NGO’ bill will keep Nigerians from freely sharing our opinions, holding open discussion forums or organising people to protest. The effects of this bill will be far wider than just on NGOs: this bill will shrink the rights of all Nigerians and allow the government to exert more control over us.
Sign the petition now and stop the NGO Bill.
But, the government has just announced a very short public consultation on 13 and 14 December that gives us a window to raise our objections formally. If we don’t act now and speak out against it before 14 December, when the public hearing finishes, it could be too late.

The government has tried to make it sound like this ‘NGO bill’ is just about restricting the freedom of NGOs. But this goes much further and already many voices across many communities in Nigeria are showing their resistance to this bill. It could have devastating effects on all Nigerians – which is why the government is trying to pass it as quickly as possible, before too many people take action to stop it.

The people in power are trying to rush this bill through, in order to quickly silence us.

Don’t let them. Please sign the petition now. Let’s tell the government that our freedoms of speech, expression and association matter to us!

Many thanks
Esther Ikubaje
Campaigner, Amnesty International Nigeria. 

Source: Amnesty Int.


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