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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Arafat: Nigerians pray for country, Buhari

Nigerians performing the annual hajj pilgrimage on Wednesday took advantage of the observance of Arafat to offer special prayers for the country and President Muhammadu Buhari.

The special prayers, which was organised by the chairman of the National Hajj Commission, NAHCON, Abdullahi Mukhtar, was coordinated by the council of Ulama attending the pilgrimage.
The Ulama were led by the national chairman of the Jamaatu Izalatil Bidi’a Wa Iqamatis Sunnah, Sheikh Abdullahi Bala Lau.
Various prayers in many Nigerian languages including Hausa, Yoruba, Kanuri, Fulfulde, Ijaw, English language and many others were offered for continued progress in the fight against insurgency.
The clerics also prayed God to unite Nigerians and to also give President Buhari success in his efforts to steer the nation to progress and development.
NAHCON Chairman, Mr. Mukhtar, in a brief remark, said this year’s Arafat and the unity exhibited by both pilgrims and clerics was the best he had seen in over a decade.
The NAHCON chairman had this year directed that all Hajj officials must be with pilgrims in both Mina and Arafat unlike in the past where officials are kept separate from pilgrims.
He therefore thanked the Ulama who also chose to not only stay with the pilgrims all through, but also carried out practical guidance and preaching regarding hajj rites and behaviours generally.
he clerics had earlier in the day preached to pilgrims about their conducts and necessary supplications shortly before they departed for Arafat from Mina.
They also went through several tents at Arafat to preach to Nigerian pilgrims while also encouraging them to pray for the country.
Mr. Mukhtar said NAHCON would learn from the cooperation received from pilgrims and the Ulama and also called on everyone to ” get in touch with the commission to offer advise on how to continue to offer best services to pilgrims”.

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