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Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Ooni of Ife - Dele Momodu, Perfect Candidate

2108F03.OONI-1.jpg - 2108F03.OONI-1.jpg

Ooni of Ife

After reading the two epistles that contains my egbon’s relationship with the late (?) Ooni of Ife, I have come to the conclusion that there can be no better candidate to replace the great Ooni who has been rumored to have passed away than the indefatigable Chief Dele Momodu. The epistle which was titled the ‘Ooni passed to the Penthouse’ was carried for two weeks and it catalogued a great and pure understanding of the Yoruba culture and the ways of not only the Ifes but also the whole Yoruba land. Follow this link to read more...

Image result for New Ooni of Ife - Dele Momodu, Perfect CandidateHis relationships with the Obas of Yorubaland and even the Alafin who had to park his car to quickly inform him that the Ooni was inside a building only goes to show the great influence that Chief Momodu wields in the scheme of things in Yoruba land hence my belief that his investiture as the next Ooni would go a long way to foster unity amongst not only the Yorubas but the rest of the country. I have clipped the article and archived it so that if by any chance he is made the Ooni, they will form the first documents in his royal library.

So as the kingmakers begin their search, they should look seriously at Chief Momodu’s candidacy as a uniting and forceful purveyor of great wealth and influence. The fact that he is not from Ife should not be a deciding factor, after all, Obama was originally from Kenya. All hail my choice for the stool. Teheeeeee, I don find trouble.

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