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Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to merge multiple Facebook Pages.

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How to merge Facebook Pages
In late August, I wrote about how to merge duplicate Facebook Pages. This method works great if you want to merge just two Facebook Pages together.  What do you do if you have more than one Facebook Page and want to merge all of them together though? We’re going to show you how to merge Facebook Pagestogether when you have more than one Facebook Page.
Before we begin, I wanted to highlight one way that a lot of people often try to use to merge Facebook Pages.  This involves posting a message on one page and to include a link to the correct Facebook Page you want fans to like.  While you may get a few of your fans to convert to your new page, this tutorial on how to merge Facebook Pages can make it much easier (and faster) to merge Facebook Pages together.  All you need is to use the request to merge multiple Facebook Pages form.
Before we show you how to merge multiple Facebook Pages, there are a few things you need to prepare first:
  1. Each Facebook Page must be the same type of page.  For example, one page cannot be a local business, while another is an online business
  2. Facebook Pages that have a location must have the same address information on each page
  3. When you merge Facebook Pages, page likes and check-ins get combined
  4. All other content (wall posts, photos, usernames, comments, post likes, etc) will not be added to the page you want to keep
  5. You must be an admin on all of the Facebook Pages you want to merge
  6. There’s no going back – you cannot unmerge pages once you have merged them

How to merge Facebook Pages

Now that you’ve prepared your Facebook Pages you want to merge using the above criteria, let’s show you how to merge Facebook Pages!
  1. Open the request to merge multiple Facebook Pages form
  2. Select the Facebook Page you want to keep
  3. Select up to 5 Facebook Pages you want to merge with the page you want to keep
  4. Click “send”
Key point: I have merged multiple Facebook Pages together for a number of clients and it’s very easy.  Merging multiple Facebook Pages together is also pretty fast.  In my experience, it only took about 24 hours to merge Facebook Pages together.  One additional thing, there have been claims that you can only merge Facebook Pages with a smaller number of likes into ones with more likes. I’ve merged Facebook Pages both ways using the request to merge multiple Facebook Pages form without any isuses.
Overall, some pages were merged within hours, others that needed a little more verification from Facebook took up to 48 hours before the Facebook Pages were merged.
One thing to remember, be sure you have a strategy in place before you begincreating a Facebook Page because while you can use this feature to merge up to 6 Facebook Pages (the one you want to keep and 5 others), don’t think of it as a free pass that you can use over and over again.
If you need additional help to learn how to merge Facebook Pages or want help creating or re-tooling your social media strategy, feel free to send me a message on Facebook.
Happy merging!


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