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Friday, November 1, 2013

Why President Obama Made the Statement “Everyone Needs to Have a Home Business”

Discover How Building Wealth Just Got a Lot Easier

When President Obama made the statement "Everyone needs to have a Home Business" 90% of America did not understand the meaning of the statement. In order for Americans to get ahead they need to create Wealth. By owning a Home Based business you have the tools to keep and build Wealth. The average American earns about 25K a year in salary. Did you know that Americans over pay 320 million dollars in taxes each year!
The average American goes to work everyday to earn income. After getting 25% to 35% deducted from their paychecks the get to spend the rest on things like where they live, automobiles, gas, cell phones, computer and internet, and entertainment just name a few.
This cycle is the number one reason that the middle class of people have disappeared. Now lets examine the owners of Home Based Businesses. They also go to work each day earning money. The main difference is that they do not get taxed upfront for the income they make and all the same expenses that are above for the people who work for someone else are deductions for they business owner. This means that they pay taxes on the amount they earn after the deductions in turn paying a lot less in taxes and keeping more money in their pocket.
This is how you create wealth and was why President Obama was trying to encourage Americans to get involved in a Home Based Business.


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