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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Get ready for November.

September was Sensational !!!
To my Syntek Family:

Hi Everyone! I just love this business!!! I haven't felt this alive in a long time. To be able to get excited every day about sharing this fantastic opportunity with others from around the world, making tremendous new friends as I go, helping my customers save money, and making our planet environmentally safer for future generations is what I want to do for the rest of my life. At 58 years old I believe this is the vehicle that will allow me to give back for all the blessings I have had in my life and of course make enough money to enjoy every day left to me to the fullest.

September truly was a sensational monthwith another record month for both new members to the team and sales volume. Wow! Way to go, Everyone!!

This month I want to discuss the topic of "Building a Worldwide Team." As time goes by, especially if you have shown strong leadership abilities, you are going to be asked by distributors outside of your down-line to help them to train and motivate members of their team in your area. These will be distributors that you probably will get no compensation for helping.Your first thought might be to not want to help, which would be wrong by my way of thinking. Why?  Because you never know where your own business will grow. I had no way of knowing when I got into this business that I would now have representation in 17 countries. I knew people who knew people and so on until there is now this worldwide team of people I never dreamed would be part of my Syntek family. Along the way I asked for a lot of help and for the most part received it and in return I have always tried to help anyone who asked me for it. This is the mindset that I believe you need to have in this business if you truly want to build your team: GIVERS GAIN!! And keep in mind that there may be ways that you can end up compensated for some of this help.  Perhaps they will need your expertise and/or closing skills on a commercial account that you might not have had access to by yourself. They get you in the door and you close the deal and you split the commission and the PV.

Also keep in mind that occasionally an up-line may ask you for help with someone that they may sign and not put under you because there is a strategically better fit for them somewhere else, for example due to their nationality or due to a rank advancement. Do you really believe that if you are helping your up-line in such a matter that they won't find a way to make it right by you?  In a business such as ours where your team's success becomes your success, I believe that all conscientious up-lines will always take care of those who take care of them.

So I guess what I am trying to say is always try to look at the big picture and trust that as we each succeed in this great opportunity that we will be motivated to help the rest succeed also.

As I do each month I would like to take a moment to welcome all our new distributors to Team GO, which stands for Generating Opportunity.  Welcome to you all! Let's make some money and have fun doing it. This is a people helping people business. Your success is our success, so don't be afraid to ask your up-lines or myself for help. We aren't going to do it all for you, but we will certainly help get you on the right track and aid you along the way.
If you signed one of these above mentioned new team members you have a responsibility to them!!
Train them so that they can be successful. Go over the back office with them. They should spend at least an hour each day for a month there to fully learn about the company, the products and how to grow their business. Help them set up their website, their ProPay or Payoneer account, and aid them in ordering their business cards if they want them. Make sure they fully understand the compensation plan. 
And most important let's help make them some money as soon as possible.

Our team is one of the fastest growing in all of Syntek and dreams are about to become reality. So do your friends and relatives a favor and get them on board now. It could be the greatest gift that you will ever give them: freedom of time and from financial worry. You do not get many life-changing opportunitiesand you have to recognize them when you see them. This is one of them, so please grab on with both hands, commit yourself to the 2 to 3 years it will take to truly succeed and then spend the rest of your life enjoying the bounty.

If I can be of assistance you can contact me at or friend me on Facebook at dale.franklin.378. Also my Skype username issyntekdale    

Have a great month.


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