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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Live Testimonials of (XFT) Xtreme Fuel Treatment Users of both Companies and Individuals in Nigeria .

Extreme Fuel Treatment (XFT), which claims to be the first true fuel enhancer, comes with four (4) promised benefits:
  1. Increased fuel economy or fuel burn efficiency: In other words, it increases the mileage covered by a given quantity or liters of fuel, be it diesel or petrol (gas). Users have recorded burn efficiency increase ranging from modest 10% to a whooping 45%. 
  2. Increased engine performance: Expressed in another way, it increases the horsepower, torque or the force with which an engine works.
  3. Increased life span of an engine: By constantly lubricating and cleansing the injectors and the rest of the fuel system, by preventing corrosion / rust, by retarding slug formation, xft ensures that the fuel system of an engine is in the best working condition which no doubt improves engine life span.
  4. 30% - 35% reduction in carbon and other harmful gas emission: Because each fuel particle pumped into the combustion chamber burns more completely, gas emissions are reduced. 
With very low confidence in the quality of fuel that we buy in Nigeria and concerns about the impact of our tropical whether conditions (which is different from the temperate regions where XFT has worked well, there is fear that this fuel additive may not produce results similar to those in the temperate regions. Well, real life experiences prove otherwise. Among the corporate companies in Nigeria who have tested and are now enjoying the benefits of XFT are the following:
- MTN Nigeria
Chisco Transport, whose first-time actual purchase of $140,000 worth of XFT made the company the first African entity to order in drums (due to the huge positive impact of the fuel treatment on injectors and nozzles)
Tinapa Studios, Calabar Media City, with first-time purchase of N700,000 worth of XFT (from which, at least,N1.9m cost saving is expected net of the cost of XFT) 
VITA Construction at Eric Moore, Surulere (enjoying 42% consumption reduction)
Zafik Royal Hotel, Benin City (excited with current savings of 22.2%)
J.O Universal Concepts, Ilupeju Lagos (enjoying an average savings of 35%)
Doko International Hotel, Bida Junction, Suleja Road, Minna, Niger State
Procter & Gamble Nigeria Manufacturing site, Oluyole Estate, Ring road, Ibadan, Oyo State
Eko Hospital - Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja
Invent Media Ltd, Ifako-Gbagada, Lagos (Visual Communication and Billboard Site Provider), 
Taraba Water Corporation
Imo State Government

This list will continue to grow as more of those currently conducting their confirmatory trials / proof of concept eventually embrace the innovation just as those in the above list earlier did . 

We can safely claim that the impact of Xtreme Fuel Treatment is seen more on the African soil than any other as the following testimonials show. The positive experiences below are those of real individual Nigerian users of XFT. In order to strengthen the credulity of the testimonials published below, the gsm lines of the individuals have been included to enable you call and personally reconfirm the veracity of the claims if you so wish:

To become a distributor or a preferred customer
Mr Akunafia Henry 
call :(234) 8102951775, 8052453134

Name: Alfred Kotey
Country: Nigeria (Lagos)
Vehicle: Hyundai Sonata 2005 Model, V6, 2.7litre Engine
Phone Number: 08029029669
This product was introduced to me by a friend named Raphael Amoah who came from Ghana to visit his father here in Nigeria. Before I got to know the product my car fuel consumption was very high in that I use full tank of 65litres for 5days. When my friend introduced and encouraged me to use the product, there was drastic reduction of the fuel consumption as 65litres which normally last for 5days began to last for 9days. It was like a magic. Aside the reduction in fuel consumption, I realised that the engine performance was superb. This product works, its not a gimmick and I recommend it to all car owners and even generator users. U will have value for your money


Name: Bolaji Laja
Country: Nigeria (Lagos)
Vehicle: Honda Civic 2006
Phone: 08086682850
I drive Honda Civic 2006 model. I was burning about 90 litres of petrol at an average cost of N9000 per week on my regular route before a colleague introduced XFT to me to try out on my car. I was surprised to see that my fuel consumption went down to about 50 litres with 10mls of XFT (N1000) each week on my regular route. That’s some 44% savings by my own calculation. My actual total fuel expense is now N5000 (petrol) plus N1000 (XFT), implying a saving of N3000. It is very exciting because with each N1000, I save back N3000 raw cash which translates to N12000 per month. I shouldn’t forget to mention that I feel more torque in the engine and the performance is smoother and better than without XFT. It's a pity many have not known about this product!


Name: Efenure E.
Country: Nigeria (Lagos)
Vehicle: Kia Sportage Jeep
Phone No: 08037211907
Testimonial: "XFT has improved my engine performance. My exhaust now flushes out water as if I have just bought it. I get 50% savings as it has cut down my fuel consumption by half. I know David. He is my neighbour. Please send another set of 5 sachets to me through him"

Name: Toyo P. Kayode (Head, Technical dept, TREM Akure, Nigeria)
Engine: Mikano generator
Phone: 08032297157
We tested Xtreme Fuel Treatment on our diesel generator that uses 50ltrs per week. The treatment gave us an increase of 3 extra service days. Before this time, the gen has been giving different problems but with XFT, we have not had any reason to work on the gen and at the same time saving us about 36% of our normal consumption. Thanks to Syntek Global for bringing this product to Nigeria.


Name: Gbadebo O.
Vehicle: Mercedes Benz 190
Phone: 08075144559
I heard about XFT in November 2012. Before I did, I used my full tank of 75litres for 1 week going from work to home and to my kids school and I kept to that triangular movement to save my fuel cost. When I started to use xft my consumption went from 1 week to 1 week 4 days that's 70% increase. Moreso, I had no reason to service my car every month since xft was doing it for me. I used xft in my 2.8KVA (honda) generator and I can now put on my deep freezer, pumping machine, and electric cooker at d same time and the sound of my generator was reduced, I could never try that before. Thank you XFT 


Name: Opeyemi B.
Car: Toyota Corolla
Engine: Generator
Phone: 08091403334
I started using XFT about six months ago and ever since have been hooked. I cannot put a drop of petrol in my car or generator without adding the product. Before I started using this product, I got about 450 kilometers from a full tank in my toyota corolla. With Xft I now get 680 kilometers from that same full tank. The overall performance of my car has Improved tremendously. As regards my generator, a full tank normally lasts for 8 hours but with XfT a full tank lasts for more than 12 hours. Servicing periods have gone from 4 weeks to 6 weeks (the plugs have been unchanged for 3 months now). 


Name: Y. Abdulaziz
Country: Nigeria (Kaduna)
Vehicle: Peugeot 406 2002 model
Phone No: 08033113679
Testimonial: "I use Peugeot 406 2002 model. The first time I used XFT (10ml) for a full tank, I did not noticed any improvement. The second time too no appreciable improvement. By the time I made third application the result was marvelous. I was on a journey. At that time, the fuel gauge was below half tank and the indicated distance to be covered with the remaining fuel was 320 kilometers. I stopped at a place to buy some drinks. When I started the car to continue with the journey I noticed that the indicated kilometers left to be covered had risen to 450 kilometers, which mean that I gained extra 130 kilometers  by using 10mls of xft  for a full tank".


Name: D. Obasa
Country: Nigeria (Kano)
Vehicle: Honda Accord
Phone No: 08023390716
Testimonial: "I am a frequent traveller, therefore I burn a lot of fuel in transit. However, ever since I started using XFT my fuel consumption has gone down. Before coming across XFT, my Honda Accord car used to burn between 17-22 litres for a 230 km journey but after commencing the treatment, the same car now uses between 10 - 12 litres over the same distance. Now I don't like filling up fuel without using XFT because each time I do that, it is like deliberately throwing money away. Also, it makes my engines run smoothly and gives me longer period between servicing of my vehicles. Really XFT has saved me some money".


Name: Sunkami A.
Country: Nigeria (Lagos)
Vehicle: Kia Cerato
Phone No: 08081991812
Testimonial: "I've been using XFT for close to six months now and have found out major benefits of its use. My engine runs smoother, fuel economy is higher, and the most important is that I've been able save on frequent servicing. I drive a Kia Cerato which I service every 3 months, but with XFT I was able to extend the servicing to 6 months and the car still runs efficiently and smoothly with no hiccups.  XFT really is every car's multivitamins".

Name: S. Henry
Country: Nigeria (Lagos)
Vehicle: Kia Rio
Phone No: 08033350063
Testimonial: "I got to know about XFT after my KIA RIO had done over 87,000 kilometers. That was after four years of average daily milage of 60 kilometers. Up to that time I was filling up the 43 litre tank for a five-day consumption. After using XFT, I went from 300 kilometres per week to 500 kilometers per week. Put in another way, I started using the same volume of fuel for  seven (7) days and sometimes eight (8). I also noticed that the sound of my engine became smoother with less noise and that the force with which it moved increased significantly. As a control check, there was a week when I deliberately avoided using XFT on the same routine trip. My engine just went back to its normal self and I used the full tank for just five (5) days. After that week, I used XFT again and got the same fuel saving that I got with XFT. I have been using XFT regularly since then as  feel I am cheating myself if I don't use it. It comes well recommended for others who use my type of car".


Name: Tobi A. (Mrs.)
Country: Nigeria (Lagos)
Vehicle: Kia Rio
Phone No: 08155555901
Testimonial: "I have been using XFT on my car for six months now. I have experienced 25 -30% in fuel savings. The number of times in between repairs has reduced significantly. I also use XFT on my generator and it has saved a lot of money on servicing. Before the use of XFT, we serviced the genset every 2 weeks and it got to a point we wanted to change the generator. At that point, XFT came along. We started using it immediately and the result we got was amazing. 3 liters of fuel lasted us for 8 hours. The generator stabilized itself and we didn't service it for 5 months. For me fuel economy is the least of what this product does. What i get in repairs is amazing. I am happy my husband and I did not ignore the product when we came across it. I am bold to say there is no other fuel treatment like XFT in the market today".


If you have been using XFT and will like to share your experience online, be it positive or negative, please send your article with your phone no and car or engine type to

To become a distributor or a preferred customer
Mr Akunafia Henry 
call :(234) 8102951775, 8052453134

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