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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Syntek Global Quick Overview, Compensation And How You Can Become A Distributor Now!

•Rising unemployment
•Environmental impact of harmful emissions
•Rising fuel prices
•Rising costs of vehicle repairs
•No REAL answers


•Brought XFT to the general public for the first time ever
•International expansion
•Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah
•Driving growth through person-toperson networking model
•Giving back through their Make a Difference Program
•Helping thousands achieve financial freedomProven, Simple System
•Step-by-step proven training system
•Easy-to-follow instructions to help you

Get started

•Low up-front costs
•ALL tools created for you
✴ Website
✴ Videos and marketing materials
✴ Business tracking system
✴ Training tools
•Know what to do immediately

✓25% Commission on personal sales
✓10% Overrides on team sales
✓Check Matching on team sales
✓Bonuses paid weekly
✓Performance Incentives
✴ Watches, rings, & iPads
✴ Cash bonuses & expense accounts
✴ Cruises & car incentives
✓Puts YOU in control of your future
✓YOU can achieve financial freedom
✓You share the product with others


✓Saves you money on fuel
✓Increases fuel economy
✓Prolongs engine life
✓Reduces emissions
✓Over 20-year track record
✓Major industrial companies use it
✓Over 6 billion kilometers of success
✓Certified Testing
✓Unique chemical formulation
✓Provides income opportunities Years of independent tests and usage show XFT to be highly effective and safe


 You get paid!
✓You can build a team and get paid more!
✓Syntek handles all the logistics
✴ Fulfillment
✴ Shipping
✴ Payment processing
✴ Customer support
✓You can expand your team globally
✓Unlimited residual income potential
✓Many people having massive successSGO/5-13

Independent Distributor
Akunafia Henry
(+234) 810 295 1775, 805 845 3134
BBpin: 2A927E75
Visit Here:

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