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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Benefits of XFT on industrial and commercial users in the trucking, transportation, mining, construction and power generation industries globally.

Xtreme Fuel Treatment™
Distributed by Syntek Global™ Inc.

This document is intended to introduce Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ to industrial and commercial
users in the trucking, transportation, mining, construction and power generation industries
globally. This product, which is distributed by Syntek Global™is a multi-purpose and
comprehensive fuel treatment which has been extensively tested in various businesses and
industries and has proven to result in positive economic, operational and environmental benefits.
The use of this product has been deployed on a worldwide basis in multiple sectors of the
transportation, mining and power generation industries and has produced significant results in all
benefit categories.
Exhaustive testing and subsequent results were aimed at proving four value propositions:
• Operational: Fuel economy and engine efficiency
• Environmental: Non-hazardous solution for reduced emissions
• Maintenance: Decreasing costs and capital expenditures for assets: increasing asset
• Economic: Overall net savings directly impactingz the bottom line
Although all four areas have been evaluated, the tests were focused mainly on a combination of
the quickest and most measurable value propositions that directly impact the bottom line (fuel
economy) and the environment (reduced emissions).

Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ was initially developed by a Fortune 500 laboratory to solve the issues
surrounding the storage of fuels for stand-by power systems. Engines are often negatively impacted
by the quality and variance of fuels. Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ addresses these issues by returning
to, or keeping fuels within, international (ASTM and ISO) specifications.
With the addition of the latest in organo-metallic catalyst chemistry to improve overall combustion
efficiency, Xtreme Fuel Treatment™has evolved to meet additional business needs and
requirements. The addition of an advanced synthetic lubricity agent to counter the effects of low
sulfur fuels on engine components completes the product’s applicability to the transportation
The result is a comprehensive, highly tested, patented fuel treatment formulation that can deliver
tremendous value to all fuel consuming industries.
Syntek Global’s Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ occupies a unique position in the market, as it delivers
considerably more value than conventional single purpose fuel additives. The following represent
the main functional components:
• Combustion catalyst and burn-rate modifier;
• Acts as a cetane improver to lower the ignition point;
• Reduces emissions, including soot, CO, NOX and THCs (total hydrocarbons);
• Demulsifies, moving water from the fuel;
• Acts as a lubricator and detergent;
• As a dispersant, eliminates any existing solids in the fuel;
• As a polymerization retardant, prevents the further formulation of solids;
• Retards internal corrosion and breakdown of fuel tanks;
• Prevents catalytic oxidation as a metal deactivator;

Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ is soluble in all fuels and fuel oils, is non-hazardous, and requires an
extremely low treatment rate, as 1 U.S. gallon treats 10,000 U.S gallons of fuel (1/4 ounce treats
20 gallons of fuel).

The need to conform to recognized standards has been met by holding Xtreme Fuel Treatment™
up to the scrutiny of extensive laboratory and practical testing.
• Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ has achieved ASTM D975 and ISO fuel specifications;
• The EPA has approved the product through its comprehensive registration and evaluation
process (#217020001 per CFR 79.23) (see exhibit D – EPA Registration);
• Under the testing required by the American Trucking Association, the SAE J1321 TMC/SAE
Fuel Consumption Test Procedure Type II, Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ achieved an 8.2% fuel
economy improvement. This test was conducted by an independent lab under rigid test
protocols to ensure a test accuracy of ± 1%.
• That the inclusion of the lubricity agent has ensured that Xtreme Fuel Treatment™ meets the
Engine Manufacturer’s standard FQP-1 for lubricity;
Due to the benefits the product offers, and the multiple value propositions that it delivers,
organizations that deploy many varying pieces of equipment and require large amounts of fuel would be in a position to recognize the greatest return.

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