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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Get involved in the Syntek Global Enrollment and Compensation Plan for 2013.

Syntek Global isn’t a new company by any means, your just going to need some leads in order to make is successful for you. These leads you get can be both customers and downline for you. But before you consider taking on a Syntek Global  business its good to do some research.
This is the best method, and with the combination of my coaching and this system, you will see a greater return on a minimal investment of time or money. But more on that later.
So lets get to why your here, learning about the Syntek Global .
First off Individuals fail due to the fact that they do not appear to comprehend exactly what they need to do to be successful in the business which is strictly sell products and sponsor new reps. If they do not sell any items nor recruit anyone then of course you will certainly fail in the business. They have to sponsor consistently in addition to sell products continually.
A lot of people fail due to the fact that they do not have the best frame of mind or belief. They have to believe in the company and have the perfect outlook to make it work. If a person has total belief in the company then no rumors or claims will bother them at all. And the moment they obtain 100% belief that Syntek Global is for them then nothing will stop them from doing great in the company.
An additional reason people fail is that they do not attain the best skills to market their business. Once, you enroll they will certainly ask you to make a warm market list of your family and buddies which is okay for the moment but once that list runs out and folks start to ignore you then what? Just how are you going to promote your business?
You have to learn the skill of lead generation which is crucial to your results in your business. Many folks do not take the time nor do they take their business serious enough to make it help them.

Syntek Global Overview

The mission statement of the Syntek Global is “to enhance lives by enabling individuals to experience their personal definition of success through world class support, industry leading products, and cutting edge systems the will bring optimal results.  At Syntek Global success is a choice. Period.”  Success is a choice could be one of the best points to made for any network marketing business.

Founded in 2008, Syntek Global is a financially strong company and they have very high expectations of the future for their company.  They are positioning themselves for a great deal of growth by applying the network marketing model which is opening new parts of the world for their products.  The company has managed to build a strong team of staff, the facilities, the suppliers, and strong committed leaders that all have the passion to help people like you achieve their dreams.
The company’s flagship product is called Xtreme Fuel Treatment.  XFT is designed to prolong engine life and reduce wear using a combination of ingredients that work together.
 Including detergents, demulsifiers, rust and corrosion inhibitors, lubricating agents, and polymerization retardants that all supposedly work together to keep things clean and running smoother.  The Syntek Global website says that the end result is that all your moving engine parts and fuel system have less friction, run longer, work better, and cost much less to maintain.  And as we all know reducing surprise maintenance and repair costs is really important these days when people are keeping their cars longer in order to save money. XFT utilizes a NOBEL PRIZE WINNING chemistry to bring you the most effective solution available. It has multiple patents, which means nobody has what we have, and no other product does what XFT does. Because Xtreme Fuel Treatment is a comprehensive approach, it would take many products mixed together to even come close to giving you the same benefits!
XFT also works to increase your fuel milage and there is tons of scientific stuff on the company site if you want to see how it does it.  But long story short, the Syntek Global scam XFT product appears to lower the ignition point of file by several hundred degrees which creates a longer, better burn to allow your engine to more of the injected fuel.
So hopefully by now you agree that the Syntek Global claims are really a life saver.  To become a distributor is actually pretty easy because you can enroll on the company website only with an Associate Sponsor ID 1F8AA.  The application process will take you about 20 minutes to complete and they will provide you with everything you need to get your business started.  The company provides a website for you, they take your orders, process the credit card payment, ship the products, and even handle all the customer service.  All you have to do is get your leads and market the opportunity or the product.
The Syntek Global  company encourages you when you join to get either their MVP Business Builder kit or their Infinity Starter Kit but I couldn’t find the exact prices of them.  They also have three levels of autoship programs, which are set up to encourage you to get the Syntek Global  MVP Autoship in order to ensure you are getting the most commission from your work.  Which is not unlike a lot of network marketing companies and i will say is one of the best if not the best.
Generating Leads For The Great Syntek Global
Ok so as I mentioned before when you and I started this little short information seeking journey together about the Syntek Global your going to need leads. Syntek Global or any other company can quickly become a nightmare if you try to buy them. 
Syntek Global claims come because this model just really is not a sustainable model without a great deal of team building. However before you enroll you need a plan of action in place which consist of your lead generation strategy as well as your other business building tasks.
Syntek Global rewards their valued distributors with the best compensation plan in network marketing by creating a dual commission system to maximize earning potential.  There are eight ways to earn income through Syntek’s Compensation plan. To begin building your team, simply sponsor two distributors to reach the Pro rank level and then help others on your team do the same.

1. Secure a distributor position in the Binary Tree by enrolling as a new distributor for $49. Begin your 
distributorship by purchasing a Fast Start Kit (recommended but not required).  Fast Start Kits provide the necessary tools to become a successful distributor.
BONUS : You will get enroll as a distributor and have your website activated  free if you register before the end of Jan 2013.

2. Sign up for a monthly AutoShip (Recommended but notrequired).  An AutoShip is a convenient way to receiveproduct on a monthly basis and meet the minimum PVrequirement.
3. Personally sponsor one new distributor on both your left and right legs to become ‘Qualified’  for commissions.
Eight ways to earn income from Syntek Global

A distributor who is enrolled in the minimum Retail Bonus  AutoShip for $29.95 earns 25% commission each month on personally sponsored customer purchases.  A distributor who is ‘active’ (minimum 50 PV) and ‘qualified’ earns 25% commission. on all orders placed by their personally sponsored customers and also earns 10% team commissions on the GV generated from all retail customers in their organization.  

Team Commissions

Team Commissions from sales are the fundamental building block of the Syntek Compensation Plan. The team commissions portion of the plan is binary. The term binary means that you will be placed in one of two legs (left or right) in your sponsor’s organization. You will then be compensated based on the success of building two distributor legs of your own. Your sponsor (or anyone else in your upline) may also place people in your organization.  Recruiting retail customer sales is an important component to building distributor success.

MVP Check Match Commissions

Each personally sponsored distributor in the Binary Tree is then reflected as a new leg in your Enrollment Tree on which commissions can be earned again. To qualify to the Enrollment Tree phase of the compensation plan, called the MVP Check Match, you must generate a minimum of 100 PV. This program 
allows you to earn a percentage of the team commissions paid to all the distributors you personally sponsor, the distributors they sponsor, and so on up to seven generations deep of MVP. ranked distributors in your Enrollment Tree legs (a generation ends and another begins when a qualified MVP is found in a leg, regardless of depth).   The number of Enrollment Tree legs can be unlimited. Therefore, to maximize your income, continue advancing to higher MVP ranks by personally sponsoring more distributors which create more Enrollment Tree Legs on which you can earn an MVP Check Match.

Fast Start Bonuses  
 All Fast Start Bonuses are calculated from the Enrollment Tree. 
When a new distributor purchases a Fast Start Kit the sponsoring distributor receives a Fast Start Bonus and the qualifying upline distributor receives a Roll-Up Bonus or an Infinity Bonus.  The corresponding PV of the Fast Start Kit is also allocated to GV.

Build-A-Pro Bonus

Sponsoring new distributors and helping them do the same is key to building volume in your organization. Qualified distributors that generate at least 100 PV may participate in the Build-A-Pro Bonus. You receive a $25 bonus each time one of your personally sponsored distributors reaches the Pro rank. (Pro = one personally sponsored and active distributor on both of their left and right legs).

Ruby MVP Bonus
Distributors that reach and maintain the Ruby MVP level for four consecutive months qualify for a one time $1,000 bonus.

Leadership Bonus Pools.

Sponsorship Bonus Pool 
Syntek reserves 1% of the company’s total group volume, in a one month cycle, for our distributors who have personally sponsored four new distributors or more who have purchased a Fast Start Kit during that month.  You must be a qualified Pro with 100 PV to qualify for this bonus pool. 1 share is earned in the pool for each new distributor sponsored.  Each month, 1% of the company’s total GV is divided amongst qualifying distributors according to their shares earned in this pool. 

Blue Diamond Leadership Pool 
Syntek reserves 1% of the company’s total group volume during  each monthly cycle for our Blue Diamond MVP distributors with  at least 100 PV.  As a qualified Blue Diamond, you can earn a 
share in this pool for each of your personal Enrollment Tree  Legs that contain a distributor with the ‘paid as’ rank of Ruby MVP or above.  The more personal Enrollment Tree legs you 
create that contain a distributor with a ‘paid as’  rank of Ruby MVP or higher the more shares you earn in our Blue Diamond Leadership Pool.  Each month, 1% of the company’s total GV is divided amongst qualifying Blue Diamond MVPs according to their shares earned in this pool

Multiple Business Centers
A Business Center is your personal Binary Tree. As your Binary Tree grows, you can earn a maximum of four business centers - your initial center plus three additional centers. (PV is only required on one business center.) Each business center potentially earns $40,000 per monthly cycle in team commissions from the lesser volume leg. Distributors are awarded a second business center when the GV in the lesser volume leg of their initial business center reaches $400,000.  A third and fourth business center is awarded when the GV of the previous business center’s lesser volume leg also reaches $400,000.  Only one greater leg of a minimum 400,000 volume is required allowing you to build 4 lesser legs of 400,000 or 
more.  You must maintain a Blue Diamond MVP rank to earn commissions on multiple business centers. 


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