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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jonathan launches energy saving bulbs

On May 30, 2012 · 
President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday  formally launched energy saving bulbs otherwise known as LED (light emitting diodes) with a view to encouraging Nigerians to buy the bulbs in order to reduce the cost of energy consumption in the country .
The formal launchoing of the bulb is a first step in government’s commitment to ensuring that reputable companies are persuaded to come to Nigeria to begin local production of the bulb as well as encourage local manufacturers of electricity bulbs to change to the energy saving.
Jonathan who performed the ceremony at the presidential villa noted that ‘ the whole world is changing, they are phasing out the bulbs that emit so much heat to ones that save energy. It has nothing to do with our commitment to stabilise power in this country.
We will continue to work hard to stabilise power and as we work hard, this is a big country it will take us up to a year to create the awareness across the country and we don’t need to wait until we stabilise power before we begin to talk about changing our bulbs.
“As part of the transformation agenda, it is also important for us to begin to discuss with our brothers and sisters to change  some of the habits. Every nation grows and as it grows it begins to change. Only yesterday we were talking about grow local eat local and buy local, encouraging Nigerians to begin to patronize Nigerian made products.
“Today it is about power and energy. Just like telecommunication, Nigerians spend a lot time on phone making so many calls. We realize that in this country, probably because it is government that pays the bills, in public offices and houses where government pay bills, people leave light  on in day time. Some places street lights will be on till 8 a.m. In some houses security light will be on in day time. This is not what is happening in other countries.
“In some countries if you move from bedroom to the sitting room you switch-off the light all is to conserve energy and also for safety reasons because it is good to off the sockets and bulbs that we are not using. These are things that we will continue to discuss. So, today we are formally launching this bulb that will reduce the cost of energy. We want Nigerians to pay very little” he noted.
The Minister of Power, Prof. Bart Nnaji, in his remarks noted that the urban poor as well as rural dwellers would especially benefit from the usage of the bulb as it would not cost them too much.

  • Power Consumption: 15W-160W
    Lamp Bases:N/A
    Working Voltage: 110/220VAC, 100-240VAC
    Luminous Flux: 351lm-3746lm
    Color:1000k~2000k, 400~720nm

    Certificates: CE, RoHS, (UL Pending)

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